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my favorite on-the-go beauty products

Five On-The-Go Beauty Products

It is hard to constantly worry about your appearance when you are always on the go, which is why I wanted to share my five favorite beauty products that I use everyday. These help keep me feeling fresh and confident even if I am not having the best day!  I keep all of these products in my work bag or purse so that I always have them handy!

top five favorite beauty productsDRYBAR DETOX DRY SHAMPOO:

This is my absolute favorite dry shampoo! I have very thin hair and I need all the help with volume I can get.  This is my little miracle in a bottle because not only does it smell amazing but it gives my hair just that little bit of  lift that it needs. I use this in the morning, for a mid-day pick-me-up, or after work if I meet up with friends and need a little extra boost! I love this because it also extends the amount of time I can go between washing my hair.

top five beauty productsMARIO BADESCU FACIAL SPRAY

I love this stuff so much! Working in a hospital exposes my skin to such dry air which makes my skin looking flat and dull.  This spray gives my face the extra hydration that it needs and is so refreshing.  It smells amazing too which is a bonus.  I also use this to help set my make up to give it a bit more dewy look.  This stuff has aloe vera and rosewater and it was a must have on vacation in Mexico for that tight, uncomfortable feeling after being in the sun all day!  I also have been known to spray this stuff in my hair to give it a bit of a beachy, wavy texture!


I am addicted to this perfume! It is my absolute favorite scent and I carry this in every purse, clutch, bag that I own.  This is Chloe’s signature scent and it is a light floral.  It has hints of peony and rose which are my favorites! I love this perfume because you just need a little dab and you are all set!


This is my new favorite hand cream! I had this sent to me a few weeks ago and I am hooked!   Because I work in a hospital and I am constantly in and out of patient’s rooms, I wash my hands hundreds of times every day.  The alcohol sanitizer and antibacterial hand soap dries my skin out so bad! This is the only cream I have ever used that keeps my hands moisturized and doesn’t leave a nasty film! I also love this because it contains no paragons, silicones, or synthetic fragrances! It is a must have for people that work with their hands!


This is my go to shade of lipstick. It is my favorite “nude” shade and is perfect for everyday wear. It is very close to my natural lip color which I love, except it adds that extra bit of edge.  This color is perfect for my light skin tone and does not wash me out!

I would love to hear all about your favorite beauty products that you carry around with you and use daily!! Please comment below!



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